Camella Carcar :Php,619,493 Up(MY HOME,MY STYLE) Gilbert 09335761673 in Madridejos, Central Visayas for sale

Camella Carcar :Php,619,493 Up(MY HOME,MY STYLE)
Camella Carcar :Php,619,493 Up(MY HOME,MY STYLE)

Furnished: Hindi
Mga Kwarto: 2
Mga Banyo: 1
Mga Alagang Hayop: Hindi
Bayad sa Broker: Hindi
Camella Carcar Is The Newest Project Of Vista Land. Located At Brgy. Can-Asujan, Carcar, Cebu.
MY HOME,MY STYLE series allows the home owner to make improvements on the unit after turn-over and acceptance of the house...
payment scheme as of March 2012
Bungalow Units:-- reservation fee:P7,500
Andrea Townhouse(Iu)----Fa:25 Sqm La:40 Sqm....P619,493
Andrea Townhouse(Ou)--Fa:25 Sqm La:55 Sqm....P745,423
Andrea Single --------------Fa:25 Sqm La:55 Sqm....P771,433
Bianca Townhouse(Iu)----Fa:31 Sqm La:50 Sqm....P754,212
Bianca Townhouse(Ou)--Fa:31 Sqm La:65 Sqm....P876,342
Bianca Single --------------Fa:31 Sqm La:65 Sqm....P895,050
2 stry. Units:-- reservation fee:P10,000
Reana Townhouse(Iu)---Fa:40 Sqm La:40 Sqm....P893,600
Reana Townhouse(Ou)-Fa:40 Sqm La:66 Sqm....P1,108,220
Rina Single----------------Fa:40 Sqm La:66 Sqm.....P1,137,620
Margarita Twnhaus(Iu)-Fa:46 Sqm La:40 Sqm......P947,150
Margarita Twnhaus(Ou) Fa:46 Sqm La:66 Sqm....P1,181,510
Marga Single-------------Fa:46 Sqm La:66 Sqm......P1,200,830
2 stry.single attached house and lot -- reservation fee:P 20,000
Marvela -- Fa:54 Sqm La:80 Sqm....P1,734,400
Carmela - Fa:65 Sqm La:88 Sqm...P1,968,760
Drina ----- Fa:83 Sqm La:99 Sqm....P2,298,670
Elaisa --- Fa:97 Sqm La:110 Sqm..P2,7,03,550
20% down payment 14 months to pay 0%
80% loanable - banks(BDO,RCBC,UNIONBANK),in-house financing